During our 19 years of selling real estate in San Diego County, we have learned a few things about selling a home and home sellers. Primarily, we know that most home sellers agree that prepping and staging a home will help their home sell faster and for more money. However, many of these same home sellers do not want to spend the money or take the time.

At Moov we know that just selling a home can seem to be expensive enough. Additionally, home sellers have careers, family obligations, hobbies and other things they would like to do with their time.

Understanding this, we came up with a great solution; take care of it for them by adding more value and services!

And Moov Real Estate Sales was born.

Make More Money with Moov Real Estate Sales

Moov was created to absorb not only the costs of preparing your home for the real estate market, but we also manage the process for you. You save money and time with our inclusive commission structure and we create an amazing real estate transaction for you.

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