We’ve bundled our award winning real estate services with FREE* professional services to help you save time, money and to avoid the headaches associated with a move.

There is more to the buying or selling a home than the real estate transaction. For sellers you need to prepare the house for sale. Then maintain it during the listing period and also during that time sort belongings into “go and keep” categories. Finally, there is the actual moov once escrow closes.

Brian Long recognized this and decided to bundle his award winning real estate with complimentary professional moving services and more. Moov was born and exists as Oceanside and North County’s only multi-service real estate company.

Are you ready to experience your best Moov?

What we can do for you*.

  • Complimentary home staging
  • Complimentary cleanout services
  • Estate and probate legal services
  • No cost microloans for repairs and improvements
  • Professional Movers (up to 6)
  • Professional Moving Truck(s)
  • Complimentary moving boxes and packing supplies
  • 75 Mile Move Radius
  • Professional and Aerial Photography
  • Video Home Tours
  • Full Color Print Marketing

Some considerations and restrictions apply*


Ready to get Mooving? Have Questions? We’re here to help!

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1 To be eligible for Moov’s complimentary Move program, we require a minimum fourteen day notice prior to the close of escrow. Services not included are: storage, disposal or selling of personal items or third-party services such as disconnecting appliances or any fixtures (including appliance service). The complimentary moov offer is only valid for clients who are currently in escrow, represented by Moov and will successfully close of escrow. If escrow is cancelled for any reason the party using Moov’s complimentary services will be charged and liable for fair market rate of moving services provided. The move must originate from the address of the property being conveyed and delivered to one local destination/address within a 75-mile radius of the originating zip code. Moov complimentary moving services are valid up to 5 days after the close of escrow on purchased property. Client understands that Moov Real Estate Sales contracts with a professional moving company. Client has the right to refuse these services and holds Moov Real Estate Sales harmless for any loss or damages that may occur during the packing or moving of their personal belongings. Any claims will be filed with and through the moving services provider. Terms and conditions of this offer may change at any time at the sole discretion of Moov Real Estate Sales. These terms are subject to change at any time.

2 Complimentary staging service: Moov Real Estate Sales may, where they deem appropriate, provide complimentary staging or design services. The home seller will be responsible for maintaining all staging items in good condition and will be responsible for any lost or damaged items.