Tip #1: Buyer Letter

Buyer letters can work. There are rules about what you can and can’t say so make sure to talk to your real estate agent. In the video I talk about how this has worked for me in getting my buyer’s offer accepted.

Tip #2: Escalation Clause

The escalation clause allows you to offer a purchase price that will “escalate” your offer price based on what other buyer’s are offering. Watch the video and learn more.

Tip #3: Appraisal Contingency

In this video I touch on the appraisal and how combining with another tip can make your offer untouchable.

Tip #4: Timelines

Here I talk about how you can change some contract timelines making them more seller friendly in order to sweeten your offer.

Tip #5: My secret weapon

Watch and learn. I have used this tactic to crush the competition more than once.

I hope you have the information here very valuable and that you can use it to help beat the competition.

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